We are permitted to use three of the four courts. Access to the courts to play tennis is the sole purpose for which members are admitted to the playing fields. Activities such as running around the fields are expressly prohibited. No games other than tennis may be played on the courts.

Membership of the Tennis Section is only available as an adjunct to Household Membership of the Vincent Square Residents’ Association. Members may invite up to three non-members to join them in a game on one court. There is no booking system, so, if others are waiting for a game, please limit your playing time to 20 minutes.

Access to the Courts
The only access is through the gate on the west side of Vincent Square near Westminster Under School and Osbert Street, along the path only - NOT on the grass. There is no access to the courts through the main gates to the playing fields. The access gate opens with a fob, which is issued when full payment has been made. Payment includes 20 returnable deposit for the fob which will be refunded provided it is returned within three weeks of the end of the playing season. Fobs must not be given to non-members, nor should anyone be allowed in who is not with a fob-holding member (or accompanied by one). Fobs will only allow entry at the times shown above and will not allow exit after 9pm.

Tennis shoes or equivalent must be worn on court
Membership cards must be carried and be available for inspection by the Westminster School Groundsman or representatives of the Association.
Children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. 
All rubbish must be removed at the end of every session.
The access gate must be securely closed on departure.
Tennis lessons are not permitted.
‘Laps’ of the playing fields, or any other activities there, are expressly prohibited.

The VSRA reserves the right to accept or refuse membership and the Tennis secretary has absolute discretion on membership. Anyone who breaks the rules or whose conduct is considered detrimental to the enjoyment by others of tennis membership or who causes a nuisance to Association’s officeholders may have their tennis membership withdrawn without reimbursement. Tennis members are liable for the conduct of the rest of their household and of any guests.

Louisa Taylor
Honorary Secretary, Tennis Section, VSRA
9 Vincent Square, London SW1P 2LX

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